Ways to improve battery backup of smartphone

The smartphones that run on the latest trend of technology and advanced mechanism have their own set of demands in terms of the battery power usage. Most of the latest devices come along with a 2 GB RAM and Multi Core processing unit, naturally making the demand of power supply to rise up. This affects the battery backup of the phone. Certain steps need to be ensured to improve battery backup within the phone. Some of them are as follows:



Top 5 tips to improve your battery backup of Smartphone:

  1. Do not leave apps running on the background: One of the biggest factor due to which the battery seems to drain out fast is the reason that often apps are left running in the background. Once you have exit the application remember to close the application from the settings panel. As these apps tend to stay active on the background, they drain away a lot of battery and hence reduce the overall battery backup of the smart phone.
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen: A high brightness level always is responsible for lesser battery backup. Reducing the brightness and setting it to a mere 40% would be the best option both in terms of visual contrast and battery backup. Setting the brightness to auto setting can also be a better option as it tends to improve battery backup by reducing the amount of battery drained.
  3. Screen Timeout: The screen timeout is the time period that is taken for the screen to automatically shut itself when the cell phone is kept idle. You can set it as low as 15 seconds to 10 minutes. It would be idle to keep it 15 seconds to optimize the battery backup. The longer time period will ensure that more battery backup is being drained from the resources.
  4. Shut the Bluetooth when not in use: The Bluetooth application tends to take away a lot of battery backup from the elements. To stop the unwanted drain in power supply, remember to shut the Bluetooth when it is not in use. It can be easily accessed from the drop-down menu of any smartphone and can be operated at the mere touch of a button.
  5. Shutting down the WiFi: WiFi is another form of connection media to the internet that connects your device to the local server. It is an inbuilt feature in smartphones. It will be a wise step to ensure that the WiFi is shut down once it is not in use. WiFi accounts for as much as 25% of the entire battery drain out and forms a substantial part of the entire mechanism. This feature can also be accessed from the drop down menu of the cell phone.


Conclusion: The smartphone of the modern generation has a lot of extensive features that are being used on a daily basis. These are some of the fundamental aspects that need to be kept in mind in order to improve battery backup and a better performance for the Smartphone you have.